26 October 2021

PLANTIC™ and SCS Packaging

SCS Packaging Shepparton are announcing an agreement with Plantic Technologies Melbourne to offer high barrier Vacuum Formed Trays into the Australian Market.

Through this new cooperation, SCS Packaging will source high barrier material direct from Plantic manufacturing facilities in Melbourne. The agreement allows SCS to offer a full range of premade trays using patented technology that uses Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (rPET), combined with renewable sourced, PLANTIC™ HP sheet. The PLANTIC™ HP provides exceptional gas barrier and the rPET provides moisture/water vapour barrier to the structure.

SCS Packaging has created an identity in the Australasian market as a sustainable leader in the forming of thin wall packaging whilst Plantic materials set a new standard for bio-based barrier packaging performance. The Australian made products will provide unmatched sustainability metrics.

The capital investment by SCS Packaging on the latest high-speed forming equipment will allow both parties to react quickly to customer demands and to cater for the increase in demand from the Australian food sector which is looking to meet the Australian National Packaging targets of recyclability and recycled content.

Both companies see manufacturing in Australia as critical for the continuous supply of sustainable packaging into the food sector. The agreement will provide the opportunity for our customers to have highly responsive partners, manufacturing locally using world leading barrier technology.

“Partnering with Plantic™ Technologies is a clear statement from our business that we are 100% focused on 2025 National Packaging targets. This will allow us to create more employment opportunities for the people of Greater Shepparton. Continual investment in R&D and state of the art equipment will be our goal to be successful and meet targets in the future. Our family values and strong work ethos will ensure future success working together with Plantic™ on this new venture”. David Davkovski, Operations Manager, SCS Packaging“We are pleased to partner with SCS Packaging for the manufacture of premade trays. SCS Packaging are world class manufacturers, and they share our passion for innovation and sustainability. This partnership will enable Plantic to expand our offering to the Australian market by utilising SCS’s expertise in manufacturing and supply”. Brendan Morris, CEO, Plantic Technologies

SCS Packaging

SCS Packaging is an Australian leader in the forming of thin wall packaging who develop and offer retailers, food manufacturers, food service, fresh produce and the food industry innovative and sustainable packaging solutions in thermoformed plastic, bioplastic, renewable and compostable materials.

For over 35 years the Davkovski family has been continuously working to foster partnerships with not only its customers but strategically aligning with companies such as Plantic™, which now creates the ability to be at the forefront of sustainable packaging.

Plantic™ Technologies Limited

Plantic™ Technologies is a proud member of the Kuraray Group who are known globally as the main supplier of Ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH). Plantic™ Technologies draws on the expertise, research facilities and sales support of the wider company across Europe, Asia, Oceania and the USA. 

Plantic’s™ globally unique patented polymer technology is based on the use of high-amylose corn starch, a material derived from annual harvesting of specialized non-genetically modified (hybrid) corn and supplied by Ingredion Inc. 

The Company provides a broad range of products in the barrier packaging sector. It supplies major supermarket customers on three continents in applications such as fresh case ready beef, pork, lamb, veal, smoked and processed meats, chicken, and fresh pasta applications.

For more information, please contact

SCS Packaging at customerservice@scspackaging.com.au 

Plantic Technologies at info.au@kuraray.com